Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our Very First Post - Lee Marks

As I’m sitting here at the computer on a cold, blustery winter day my thoughts turn to spring and the excitement brewing, as we plan our 27th annual Country Folk Art Festival. Many folks who check out our website or phone us are not really clear in what we’re all about.

So, for all who wonder just what we’re up to, here’s some tidbits for your perusal. People who attend our shows tell us they have literally been “blown away” at what they’ve seen! They’ve found an eclectic selection of furniture and decorative accessories that they’ve never seen anywhere else. Many of these same people, including our younger customers, said the things they’ve found at our shows have solicited rave reviews and enabled them to totally transform their interior décor and establish a refreshing new look. Their homes no longer look like everyone else in the neighborhood!

And for the guys out there who wouldn’t be caught dead at a craft show, you can relax and eliminate those thoughts completely! It’s perfectly okay to tag along with your wife or girlfriend. In fact, when you see our show we’re sure you’ll be hooked! We’re not your typical craft show that you can find anywhere in the country on a given weekend with the same repetitive and boring merchandise. In fact, we’re not a craft show at all. What we are is wonderfully unique show featuring the finest award-winning artisans and craftsmen offering a incredibly diverse selection of handmade furniture and accent pieces. And it’s all handmade in America and presented by the individual craftsmen who made it. No imports. No mass-produced merchandise. No gift show items.

A great example for the men who need a little urging from their wives would be to visit the booth of the Great Northwoods Trading Company. Owners Mike & Nancy Patek, former TV set designers, offer a collection of wonderfully creative signs, boxes, fishing & hunting memorabilia as well as holiday-themed items, ideal for your own home or as a gift for that impossible-to-please friend or relative.

Enough “blogging” for one day, but please stay turned. We’ll be sending along some great news about the many exciting artisans & craftsmen who will be joining us at our March show. Think Spring! Stay Warm! Lee & Judy

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